Phoebe Getting Into the Spirit of Valentine’s Day!

DSC_0166  good Phoebe

Valentine’s Day is love day and it is expressed in so many different ways: dining, flowers, champagne, chocolates, gifts.

Here are some memories for me of Valentine’s Day. My mother kept an album of my birthday and valentine’s cards that I am sharing with you, they are sweet.

DSC_0164  header valentine's day

DSC_0176  Valentine card from my father
Card from Daddy

DSC_0177  inside of card from my father

DSC_0200  Valaentine card from Mollie
4th grade card

DSC_0171  Valentines in album

Robert's love letters
A love note, 5th grade

DSC_0199   Robert in love

An Hermes necklace that can be divided for each lover:


Here is a beautiful pop-up love book that a special person gave to me many years ago.

WITH LOVE, A Compilation of Romantic Verse and Paper Flowers
Engineering by Keith Moseley, Illustrated by Robert Nicholls 1996, Compass Productions, Long Beach, Ca., Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville TN.

DSC_0190   love book good

DSC_0181   Love book

DSC_0186   Love Book

Lalique heart 

DSC_0164   good Lalique

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