Personal Thoughts for February 16, 2015

I want to talk about three events that happened last week that have left their mark on me.

The murder of three exceptional young people in North Carolina. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions, it is so sad and disturbing. The big question is, was this a hate crime, or a dispute, as the police have been saying. The family vehemently states that this was a hate crime.  Now the FBI is involved. We’ll see where this goes. Thousands are mourning this tragic event on campus and on social media.

Deah Barakat, his wife, Yusor Abu-Salha, and her sister, Razan Abu-Salha

Read more at The Washington Post:
Thousands gather at funeral service for three Muslims killed in North Carolina shooting


The death of Bob Simon (1941-2015) in a NYC automobile accident on Wednesday evening, February 11, 2015.

Thursday Feburary 12th’s news program at 7pm by Scott Pelley, was very moving, highlighting one of Simon’s pieces from 60 minutes about an orchestra in central Africa, they played Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and Carmina Burana. How ironic and sad that a journalist who went to dangerous places for 50 years died in NYC in a car crash. He will always be remembered for his eloquence, bravery and humanity.


The sudden death of David Carr, the charming, twinkle-in-his-eye, brilliant, one-of-a-kind media writer who left a profound mark on all who knew him. I did not know him personally but loved his column in The New York Times and his interviews.

Photo: Stephen Chernin / Associated Press

The New York Times, February 14 article by Daniel Slotnick – Autopsy Cites Cancer as Cause in Death of David Carr, Times Reporter

Remembering David Carr: memories and tributes to Mr. Carr

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