Two Exhibits in NYC – Through a Looking Glass and Alice: 150 Years of Wonderland

Recently I was lucky enough to visit two exhibits with the same theme. Through a Looking Glass at The Metropolitan Museum of Art had the vintage clothing of the Emperor and royal family of China against a backdrop and inspiration for the designers of the 60s forward, like Yves Saint Laurent and Dior. The exhibit was brilliantly done with background Chinese movies playing in every room. Not only was it beautiful, it was captivating. So many gorgeous clothes, it was a thrill.

High fashion was juxtaposed with Chinese costumes, pairings, porcelains, as well as films to reveal reflections and inspiration of Chinese imagery.

Have a look at some of the fashion also, Opium perfume a Chinese inspiration to Yves Saint Laurent. (I still wear this scent.)

FullSizeRender-103  China

FullSizeRender-100   China

FullSizeRender-98   China

FullSizeRender-95  China

FullSizeRender-96   China

FullSizeRender-99   China

The second exhibit I saw, ALICE: 150 YEARS OF WONDERLAND, was over at the Morgan Library & Museum.

This exhibition elucidates the strange history of Wonderland, presenting the origin, publication and everlasting appeal of Lewis Carroll’s (pen name) classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The original manuscript is right there in the middle of the exhibit hall, and it is presented by the British Library in London for the first time in 30 years here in New York. There are also original drawings and letters, vintage photographs and some objects never exhibited before.

Have a look at what I saw and liked:

FullSizeRender-104   Alice

IMG_0257   Alice

IMG_0255   Alice

IMG_0252  Alice

IMG_0246   Alice

The real Alice – Alice Liddell

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