The Cotwolds: Part 2


Voted one of the top 5 places to live in Europe.  Two very good bakeries: Huffkins and Raymond Blanc Patisserie.

I found some great books at a charming combination book and hat shop:  THE MADHATTER BOOK SHOP

DSC_0121   Burford

DSC_0122   Burford

DSC_0124   Burford

DSC_0126   Burford

DSC_0128  Burford

I will review these books in a future post.


This is the home of Daylesford Organics,  a great barn/farm conversion with all organic fruits and vegetables.  Also, there is a dining room with food from the farm and organic meat, of course.  We had a very good lunch there. Selfridge’s sells the products from this line.; believe me I will check it out in November when I am in London.  There was also a beautiful flower shop and a ladies read-to-wear shop with lovely cashmeres.  Oh and at the door step to the clothing shop was a baby bird, a peering out at the world…photo attached.

DSC_0104  Daylesford

DSC_0098  Daylesford

DSC_0096  Daylesford

DSC_0094   Daylesford

DSC_0095   Daylesford

DSC_0097  Daylesford

DSC_0100  daylesford

DSC_0103  Daylesford

DSC_0101  baby bird daylesford

Read PART 1 of our trip to the Cotswolds here

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