A View from the 35th Floor of a NYC Hotel

We spent a few days in NYC to celebrate an important day in our lives. Here are some photos of the views from the hotel room. I took these photos the evening that Jon Stewart said goodbye on his last show. You can see his image on the gigantic TV screen at Times Square. (2nd photo)


FullSizeRender-69   35th floor view

FullSizeRender-70  35th floor view jon Stewart

FullSizeRender-71   35th floor night

FullSizeRender-72   35th floor night

FullSizeRender-76  evening 35th floor

FullSizeRender-77   evening 35th floor


FullSizeRender-73  day 35th floor Prada bag

FullSizeRender-75   day view 35th floor

FullSizeRender-79   morning 35th floor

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