4 days in Charleston, South Carolina – A Celebration of the Senses

I spent four lovely days attending a conference in Charleston, also known as the Holy City.

Here are some highlights from my visit:

1) Halloween Photos – Monday, November 2nd (see below)

2) Highlights of the Sights of Charleston – Tuesday, November 3rd

a) Downtown Tour

b) Farmer’s Market

c) Live Oak, John’s Island

d) Folly Beach

e) McLeod Plantation

2) DINING in CHARLESTON and COMMENTS ABOUT FOOD – Wednesday, November 4th

a) Hominy Grill

b) PearlZ

c) FIG restaurant

d) additional restaurant and bar recommendations

3) Shopping – Thursday, November 5th

a) Basket Bracelet and Coasters

b) Hotflash, Handwoven Designs

c) Chocolate by Christophe

d) Spices from the Charleston Spice Company

e) a Candied Bacon recipe

 HALLOWEEN photos: Charleston, South Carolina

Black Witch Hat atop Charleston Mansion

Black Witch Hat atop a Charleston Mansion

Beautiful carved pumpkins, downtown Charleston

Beautiful carved pumpkins, downtown Charleston

Mother and Daughter at Farmer's Market

Mother and Daughter at Farmer’s Market

Fabulous Halloween earrings

Fabulous Halloween earrings

Mother and Daughter at Folly Beach

Mother and Daughter at Folly Beach on Halloween

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