Robbie’s Diary, May 13, 2015: Update on My Favorite Charities

Hello Readers.

It has been some time since i updated you on my favorite charities and here is the latest news:

LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND, a charity and rescue site for senior dogs in southern California – about a month ago LNPB rescued a little poodle named Moty.


LNPB writes on their Facebook page:

“Why we continue to do what we do! Happy 1 month rescuversary Moty! He came to us so battered and abused and we did not think we would have much time with this sweet old man. At 15 years old he appeared to have been struck with a brunt object that caused his eye to have to be removed. His little face was bruised and swollen and he would not eat UNTIL docs discovered that his mouth inside was all bruised frown emoticon He captured our hearts and he had a whole Village of loving people praying he would pull through.

He easily became a vet favorite and he was making great strides. WE were ready to send him to our loving and life saving fosters for continued love and healing HOWEVER Moty had a different plan BOL! He was so stressed when we removed him from the one place he finally felt safe and loved, our amazing DVM’s at East Valley Veterinary Clinic/Mark Hohne DVM. While in the car he was so stressed and began convulsing. Thankfully we did not get to far and rushed him right back to the vets! When he knew he was surrounded by his favorite peeps, he came too, stood up wobbling and wag his limp little tail!

He is so enjoying his “Vetcation” and continues to thrive! He went from being severely emaciated to the darling little porker he is today BOL! We would like for Moty to know the comfort, warmth and love of a real home, however we are in no real hurry as he received a lot of generous donations for his care and stay at the vets! We are looking for that very special loving home that is close to LNPB and our vets in the LA. SFV or SCV, Ca area! Please e mail HAPPY ONE MONTH SWEET BOY! We all love you! ‪#‎GOTEAMMOTY‬ Love, LNPB”

LNPB posted another happy update recently about Moty and said, “he’s now a whopping 11 pounds and Doc says he has now reached his perfect weight! His hair is growing in and he is so enjoying his gift of life!”

We are so happy for Moty and grateful to the important work that LNPB does on behalf of all these wonderful dogs!


Another terrific organization is DOGS TRUST, UK.


I’ve written about them before (remember our adopted dog Mr. Darcy?)

Dogs Trust recently announced the premiere of a short documentary, ‘Changing Perceptions’ jointly created by the Dogs Trust Education and Community team and young members of the school at Hackney City Farm, and Progress Park PRU. ‘Changing Perceptions’ aims to tackle negative perceptions of younger people in Hackney by comparing it to the prejudice that Staffordshire Bull Terriers can also face – take a look!

Please donate to either organization in any capacity. Thank you so much.

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