Some New Perfume Recommendations, September 2016

I love perfume. I wear it every day, even when I am doing the laundry. I don’t feel completely dressed unless I go to my dressing table and choose my fragrance for the day. Some people have complained over the years that they know I am approaching, they can smell my fragrance, even before I enter a room. Ha-ha!

I care not what they say. I am addicted to admiring the bottles, changing scents with my different moods, enjoying the sexy touch it adds to my persona…the mere feminine beguiling aspect it adds as a finishing touch is hypnotizing.

Here are some new perfumes that have attracted my attention and are adorning my dressing table. I have been wearing them the past six months and my newest is the Marc Jacobs. I have to say though that my favorite at the moment is the Alaia.

Try one, it is good to change and try something new, it will give you an edge and a smile as you leave your house.

Marc Jacobs Decadence


Stunning green bottle, very elegant, reminiscent of an alligator handbag with a python pattern and black tassel, glamorous

Nose: amber floral, powdery, sexy and sophisticated

Designer describes the essence as a base of warm amber, vetiver, and papyrus wood with notes of iris, rose, saffron and plum.
I think the bottle is its strongest selling point, may be not strong enough for me in the long run, I like very strong fragrance statements like Mitsouko, Versace’s Oud.
Perfect for a woman who is self-assured, elegant with a softer touch demeanor.


Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate


This is a unisex fragrance. established in 2016. I love it for the summertime and have been wearing it since July of this year. I bought it in London when it first came out. Top note is rhubarb, middle note red berries, base is white musk. This is a very earthy fragrance. I would describe it as fresh and savory. The rhubarb tones are weak, to me it is more like grapefruit, I like it however and it is fun for the summer but not great on longevity. For longevity try Jo Malone’s White Lilac Rhubarb.


Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud Collection Extraordinaire


From a new collection that has six fragrances so far.  Not everyone will like this because it is rather sweet, something I can handle, not for everyone.  The combination of notes of bergamot, tuberose, patchouli gives a wow feeling at first, but not for the faint of heart in the long term.  Don’t know if this will be a long lasting favorite of mine, but for now, it does the trick for warm summer nights.


ALAIA Paris for Women


I love this fragrance. People follow me and ask what I am wearing when I am out and about. The designer wanted to fashion a perfume reminiscent of his childhood in Tunisia and he has accomplished something special here.

Azzedine Alaia says “the scent is based on the contrast of cool tones, such as red pepper, and oriental hot flavors such as musk. Middle notes include peonies and freesia. All of these notes combined make for a beautiful and exotic fragrance.”

This will be my go-to perfume for a long time, well into the winter.


MUGLER Les Exceptions, Oriental Express


Another unisex fragrance. This is a new Oriental fragrance launched in 2014.

Unusual and interesting because top note is basil, yes basil, middle note sandalwood and vanilla, base carrot seeds.

Usually Orientals are spicy, this one is not, it is clean and reviewers have described it as a modern minimalist oriental. The notes that shout out are creamy vanilla and powdery not very sweet sandalwood. I like this one.

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