We’re off and running – Restart… LADYALICELUX! August 2016

Greetings Dear Readers,

I have missed you all very very much indeed. Robbie especially has complained about boredom and lethargy from not writing his column. He is back, better-than-ever, and as always, he has a lot to say.

Well, you must be wondering, where has Lady Alice been? What has primarily occupied most of my time and energy has been decluttering, the Marie Kondo way. I wrote about Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, in a previous post. Ms. Kondo’s book and philosophy carried me though a long and ultimately satisfying revamp. The goal of making the house and property sleek and clean succeeded, with a whole new look and feel. Pictures to follow.

Here is our lifestyle update: we are all very well, now committed to a plant-based diet, my partner is vegan. I lost 28 pounds last summer and I have maintained this ideal weight thanks to a new diet, enrichment supplements, walking, gardening, stretching and yoga (more about this in a later post).

Phoebe and Robbie are on a raw diet and they look really healthy, plus they have a good energy level considering they are senior citizens. Robbie had a surgery in February for a torn right rear tendon and has healed well thanks to a daily exercise routine in the pond. When I take Phoebe perambulating around Hudson on Saturday morning farm-market day, people think she is a puppy, not a 16 year-old grande dame dachshund.


My partner and I celebrated our birthdays in Paris, Berlin and Leipzig. My frequent trips to London were spirited and intellectually uplifting. Details to follow.

Clockwise: Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, London

Always interested in the latest literary fiction and a smattering of non-fiction, I will review 30 books that I have read.

I will tell you about some new series I have watched like Mr. Robot; and I have a few other recommendations that you might like.

We’ll mention some great theatre and museum exhibitions in New York City and Columbia County, New York. Reviews will be in a future post.

There are striking and fun new fashion looks, I particularly found handbags and jewelry remarkable.  Some new looks are in my closet……and I always peruse the fashion magazines, particularly Vogue, W and Elle.  We’ll look at what is new for 2016-2017.

StormField had a visit from a most enchanting young person, 11 1/2 year-old Nomiko Taima, and I will  elaborate in a future post on the highlights of our time together. She is someone who has made a loving imprint on this family, including our critters. This was a sweet summer interlude.

eClippings will continue with as much enthusiasm as before.  This is a venue that I particularly spend a lot of time curating; I hope you will enjoy all of the future articles I bring to the blog.

Nature still prevails in our world, so I have some new photos and bird book recommendations. Our StormField summer garden is resplendent with hundreds of zinnias, phlox, lavender, lilies………..vegetables are filling the coffers.

So, happy days are here again at StormField! Welcome to our world!



Two giant koi enjoying a summer day in the pond

Changing room at the pond

May pole adorning the lawn

Koi pond

The joy of water lilies

One comment

  • Lovely to see your blog again!
    I’ve just returned from LA. My son and daughter in law just had a second baby boy. Oliver Essex. Born August 9th. It was lovely to visit with them.
    When are you next in the UK? It would be great to meet up with you. I remember Cirecester. You knew all the people there.
    Wendy x


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