eCLIPPINGS, A Curated News Service: May 15, 2015


Cannes kicks off: stars walk the red carpet at the start of the 2015 film festival
May 13, 2015, The Guardian, UK
“Catherine Deneuve, Julianne Morre, Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyongo’o …..have a look. Super glam, Lupita looks amazing and 5 Takes on the Evening Bun, from at the Festival, elegant hairdos.

Derailed, Amtrak, All latest updates
May 13th, 2015, The Economist
a warning…”America’s economic arteries are becoming sclerotic”……hear hear!

Forget Self-Driving Cars: Here’s How Google Plans to Change How We Live Forever
May 14, 2015, New York Observer, by David B. Samadi
the innovations that could improve health care, very interesting and forward-looking, please read.

Getting A Grip,The strength of your handshake predicts the length of your life
May 14, 2015, The Economist, Science and Technology
“Swedes, it seems, have the world’s firmest handshakes, and Pakistanis the limpest”, Good read.

Readers’ travel tips: holidays in France’s Jura region
May 14, 2015, The Guardian, uk
We are planning a visit to this part of France, so this held particular interest for me, this is a hilly area of eastern France, beautiful mountains and wines, yes, even a yellow wine. A good guide.

The Perfect Summer Accessory to Wear in Brooklyn? Antlers
May 12, 2015,  New York Observer, by Jordyn Taylor
“You have to not be afraid to make a little bit of a statement”  love this accessory and plan to buy one, whimsical, might buy the barrette form.

Topless Jihadis: Inside Femen, the world’s most provocative activist group
May edition, The Atlantic, by Jeffrey Tayler
“A dramatic sort of rage, revolution, and the daring young woman at the center of a new fight for the future of feminism, the woman who inspired the Russian activists Pussy Riot, and built a movement”……I will read this book.

Paul Holdengraber’s Seven Wonders
May/June 2015, Intelligent Life Magazine, The Atlantic
“The director of talks at the New York Public Library tells Charlie McCann how he learnt the art of conversation on the road, from the lakes of Switzerland to a cabin in Idaho”, wondrous choices, a great read.

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