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Manners & Misdemeanors column, Town and Country Magazine
June/July 2015 (in print version only)
“Culture Clash FEMME FATIGUE JE SUIS over the Enduring American Obsession with The French Woman” by Marcia DeSanctis, Illustration by Horacio Salinas.

In this piece the writer has some pictures of American Idols, women who are globally admired for substance, style , and a serious social medial following: Marissa Mayer, Katie Couric, Lena Dunham and Tory Burch.

After reading this article I am going to be sure to read these three books:

1)  “The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out“, by Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of Caudalie beauty products; I use them in my daily routine and recommend the serums particularly

2) Edith Wharton’s book, “French Ways and their Meaning

3) Dana Thomas’ book, “Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

This month’s Destination, BUDAPEST, It’s home to the world’s grandest thermal springs, a scrub that has gone viral, and a $4 skin secret
Town and Country Magazine June/July 2015, by Nell Casey
the Pharmacy…. The Spas….. The treatment…..and The Handmade

Substantive piece about where to find unusual beauty products. I will let you know after I purchase them, their efficacy and results. Also want to visit Hungary with a girlfriend to do the thermal springs.

The Scent of Success – Hermes unveils its first-ever parfumerie, in downtown New York
by Celia Ellenberg, WSJ Magazine July 2015

A new candle has been developed for the opening called “The Shop Around the Corner”, I’ll be sure to check it out. Opening at Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty Street, NYC, August 2015, I will tell you in a later post all about it.

“Today’s zillionaires have taken lving the good life to the next level, Christa D’Souza explores the new meaning of high maintenance

Examples abound of former excesses (“Frank Sinatra, forced his long-suffering valet to hand wash his underwear, and ensure that his private plane was stocked at all times with a three-month supply of Campbell’s Franks and Beans”) while today we have the 390-foot A mega-yacht, designed by Philippe Starck and owned by Melarus billionaire Andrey Melnichenko (written about previously by me in another post while we were in Turks and Caicos.)

Good photos of exemplifying living large in former times and today.


Rich kids Lifestyles of the rich and infamous, Beijing, It’s not easy having it all
The Economist, July 4th, 2015

About the new Chinese second generation rich (fuerdai) “The object of rapt attention in national media and a mixture of envy and revulsion among ordinary folk” – The Economist

Also note the photograph of an Alaskan husky (pictured above) wearing two gold Apple watches worth tens of thousands of dollars, with the caption: “Two smart watches? I’d rather have a bone”……posted by Wang Sicong, the son of one of China’s richest tycoons, also saying that his main criterion when selecting a girlfriend was that she must be buxom.”

Loulou de la Falaise by Aref de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser, Cavassoni, Rizzoli, review in The World of Interiors, April 2015 by Robin Muir (in-print edition only)
One of my fashion heroines, socialite, muse, renowned for her effortless chic, a legend. I’ll review the book in a later post.

Interior Life, Fashion Market and Accessories, WMAGAZINE
Director Rickie De Sole explores couch couture

love the fashion on this page, Tory Burch sandals, Chanel watch and the bolero, delicious glamorous items.

Sculpted in Bronze, “contouring may be having a moment, but its jet set counterpart still supplies a glamorous glow like nothing else”
illustration by Bruno Grizzo, Photograph by James Wojcik, and styled by Will Kahn
Town and Country Magazine, June/July 2015

The best bronzers of the season,  a perennial staple. suggestions, check it out (in print edition only)


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