THE LATEST TV, January 2016

With the political scene heating up I am back to my news junkie ways, for better or worse.

Normally I do not watch CNN but Anderson Cooper does have some interesting people like Frank Bruni of The New York Times on his panels; I also watch Amy Goodman on Democracy Now to find out what is new from an enlightened, intellectual and humane point of view.

But for pure comic relief, I watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He is brilliant. I watch him every night, would not miss it for the world. Take a nap to stay up and watch from  11:30 to 12:30. And if you can manage to stay up even longer, James Corden follows Stephen and I particularly enjoy his car karaoke, which is becoming very popular.

Last night Colbert “tasered” himself to change his brain and be able to give an impersonation of how Sarah Palin would support candidates. This was obviously Colbert’s way of saying that she hadn’t a clue about sentence structure and communication of the English language in a coherent and intelligible manner.

I am also watching MAKING A MURDERER documentary, DOWNTON ABBEY and last but not least, BILLIONS, which is disappointing, particularly with the abyssmal over the top performance of Paul Giametti. I am rooting for the hedge fund guy as played by Damian Lewis. See the NY Times review of the opening of the season.

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