This Week’s Pick: Dresden

This week’s Pick: DRESDEN, available in DVD, 2 discs. German TV film (2006), 176 minutes. This is a fictionalized romantic version of the bombing of Dresden in World War II, February 13-15, 1945.


N.B. There is currently an exhibit at the Neue Galerie, 1048 Fifth Avenue, New York called Degenerate Art, The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany 1937 and there are photos of Dresden in the exhibit, (on until June 2014).

I went to see the exhibit yesterday and found it interesting and very well done in terms of the contrasts between the art the Nazis valued and the “degenerate art” of artists like Nolde, Klee, Kokoschka.

The “Vasily” chair by Marcel Breuer (1927) from the Bauhaus era was on exhibit. I was delighted to see it, because I have two (too bad, mine are not from 1927, but 1960!).

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  • Dearest Alice,

    You would think that travelling the world would be enough excitement for you. I love what you are doing with LADYALICELUX! I don’t know of anyone else who could take on a project like this and implement it as exquisitely as you have. I am a follower…

    With much love, your friend,



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