New Movie Recommendations

I wrote a post about the best of the best for 2014. I mistakenly omitted the 2014 film I believe should be most honored, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

Ralph Fiennes and Wes Anderson hopefully win the awards in their categories at the Golden Globes tonight. Crossing my fingers!

Here are some lists of movies that I have watched in the past few weeks.  PLEASE send me your comments if you watch any of my recommendations!

Still in Movies Theatres:


Compelling version of the early years of physicist Stephen Hawking and the romance with his future wife, Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones). Brilliant portrayal by Eddie Redmayne. Read the review What the Theory of Everything doesn’t tell you about Stephen Hawking by Tanya Gold in The Spectator and this review in The Guardian

FORCE MAJEURE (Sweden 2014)

Dramatic account of a family’s holiday ski trip to France, but also wickedly funny. A precise observation of what happens when an avalanche hits and its aftermath. When all the people out on the sun deck flee, Tomas does not stay with his family and that decision shakes his marriage to its core.

SALVO (Italy 2014)

I really liked this film, a story about a Sicilian Mafia hit man and what happens when he spares the life of the blind sister of one of his victims. Winner- Cannes Film Festival


Very moving film about a carefree boy living with his grandmother in poverty in a quiet seaside village. When his humpback sister arrives to live with them, the boy learns in a painful way how to become a big brother. (For some reason, produced in 2003, only came out this year), this movie made me cry, the child actors were superb.


A film about estranged adult twins, Maggie and Milo, and what happens when circumstances force their reunion. Great performances by Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig


Very touching film about two very different families who learn that their 6 year old sons were switched at birth. This film takes a provocative look at what it means to be a parent, and what it means to deeply love a child.

A FIVE STAR LIFE (Italy 2014)

Fun to watch, light entertainment, very nice scenery, beautiful hotels, about a single career woman with a fabulous job: luxury hotel critic, incognito, evaluating rooms, restaurants, service and staff.

A BRAND NEW LIFE (Korea 2014)

Inspired by her childhood, Ounie Lecomte, French-Korean filmmaker, recounts the emotional and heart-wrenching story of her abandonment by her father to a girls’ orphanage. I thought this was an excellent film. Bravo!

CLOSED CURTAIN (Iran – 2014)

Iranian filmmaker Jafar-Panahi’s answer to his 20-year ban on filmmaking in Iran.

A screenwriter hides from the world with his dog in a secluded house  (Panahi’s house as it turns out) in front of the sea, he closes all the curtains in the house, he is visibly frightened,…..then, twists and turns in a mysterious hard-to-decipher plot.

Read the review in The Washington Post, July 24, 2014 for a good explanation of this film.

Masterpeice Theatre:

Yes, the two series have just started their new season…..always favorites of mine.


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