MR TURNER: Biographical period film of the Great Painter Turner

I think the film MR TURNER is compelling and revelatory, and I found this to be a gorgeous work of art. I have watched it twice in the past month.

This movie/biography is about J.M.W. Turner, the famous British painter and the period of 1825-1851. Timothy Spall portrays Mr. Turner masterfully with nuances of manner and speech that I found charming.

I like the movie critic A.O. Scott’s byline in his NY Times piece about the movie, that says “The Painter Was a Piece of Work, Too,”  and yes he was by all accounts in this film. Mike Leigh, the director, longingly and gently portrays the painter, who lives his last 25 years with gusto and unapologetic audacity. He secretly becomes involved with a seaside landlady, who does not know his real identity, while his ever faithful housekeeper bears a sad and unrequited love for him.


J.M.W. Turner


This is a Turner I have hanging in my living room. I found this print in the V & A, London, years ago and love to look at it every day.

DSC_0015   Turner painting

I think Turner was a genius and I highly recommend this film for insight into the the man and the period.

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