Movie Week, Day 3: MY BEST ENEMY



In the picturesque Vienna of the 1930s, Victor Kaufmann, the son of wealthy Jewish art gallery owners, Rudi (a gentile) and Lena have been friends since childhood. The three vow to stick together, forever.

However, after the annexation of Austria by the Germans, Victor is shocked to discover his best friend Rudi on his doorstep, in a Nazi uniform. Though Rudi tries to prevent the family being sent to a concentration camp, their fate is sealed and they are sent away.

Years later, the Nazis want to present a gift to Mussolini — a Michelangelo sketch belonging to the Kaufmanns. It is here that this story starts to take form. A dramatic plane crash, switching identities and a crazy, I mean very crazy, scheme, evolves in this rollicking story.

You will always wonder what craziness will happen next. You might think that reducing these very serious crimes, to the level of carton characters, you also risk diminishing their crimes, but it did have some value for me. There was a slapstick quality, but the improbable story was gripping and entertaining.

Watch it, I recommend MEIN BESTER FIEND.

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