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BIRD PEOPLE, France 2014
available for streaming on amazon instant video

Paris setting, two strangers, an American businessman, and a mysterious French maid, find their lives magically linked in what turns out to be a fairy-tale romance. Mostly takes place at the Orly airport. The story veers into unexpected territory in the second half, a charming surprise. Directed by Pascale Ferran and starring Josh Charles ( The Good Wife) and Anais Demoustier. Cinematography is amazing.

I loved this movie, let me know your very welcome opinion please.

DUMAS, France 2012
available for streaming on amazon instant video

At the peak of the collaboration between Alexander Dumas and Auguste Maquet (one of Dumas’ ghostwriters), Auguste attempts to conceal his true identity by impersonating Dumas, to win the affections of Charlotte (who is wildly smitten with Dumas). The movie is set against the turbulent times of France between revolutions. There are beautiful scenes of the French countryside and the chateaux. Starring Gerard Depardieu and Benoit Poelvoorde.

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available for streaming on amazon instant video, part 1 & part 2

This is a psychological thriller about the relationship between serial killer Fred West (Dominic West “The Affair’& “The Wire”), and his appointed appropriate adult (Emily Watson). Appropriate adult is someone assigned by the police to assist and facilitate the interviewing of a minor or compromised adult (as in emotionally or physically challenged). The film recounts the true story of Frederick and Rosemary West, a married couple from Gloucester, who tortured and killed at least 11 girls and young women between the late 1960s and 1980s.

Hard to watch, brutal and disturbing, but riveting and very well-acted.

SEASON 2, HOUSE OF CARDS Netflix, 2013

I missed last season’s House of cards, so I did a binge last weekend and it was hard to watch all of the episodes. The more I watched, the less I liked what, it all felt like a rehash of the same theme.  The flaws became more and more obvious and the lower my opinion and interest became. Now I truly hate Frank and Claire, and Frank for me has really become a sort of cartoon character; his performance is not nuanced but one-note. Don’t think they will get me a third time, season 3 is available for streaming at the end of February.


I’ve watched the first three episodes of this HBO program (January 11, 18, 25). Brett and Michelle Pierson’s marriage seems a little rocky. Tina Morris (Amanda Peet), Michelle’s sister, moves in with the couple at the same time Brett’s friend Alex (Steve Ziussis) moves in too. The four of them try to remain friends, while trying to achieve happiness and their own goals. So far so good, I love Amanda Peet and Melanie Lynskey, stay tuned for more.

Möbius, France 2014
available for streaming on amazon instant video

Starring Jean Dujardin (so good-looking!), Tim Roth, and Cecile De France. A film about international espionage, Russian spies, the CIA, and the whole lot — what a thriller! Directed by Eric Rochant. It’s a sexy love story intertwined in a spy mystery. Quiet and intelligent, loved the chemistry between the protagonists. Very intense with twists and turns. Do watch and enjoy this one!

LITTLE ACCIDENTS, USA 2015 (now in theaters)
available for streaming on amazon instant video

Starring Elizabeth Banks and Boyd Holbrook, directed by Sara Colangelo. This is the story of a small mining town where an accident that killed 10 miners has divided the townspeople. Amos Jenkins is the sole survivor, and he remembers nothing. The rift deepens when the son of a middle manager goes missing. Highly recommend this movie — there were twists and turns, you keep on wondering where the plot will go. Sprinkle in an affair between the mother (Elizabeth Banks) of the missing boy and Amos (Boyd Holbrook) and the plot thickens.

Check out this review in The New York Times

MATCH, USA 2014 / IFC Films

Starring Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino and  Matthew Lillard and directed by Stephen Belber. Sir Patrick Stewart struts his stuff as a dance instructor. What a performance! This is a very emotional drama, “the movie pulls the rug out from under the audience several times” (NY Times)

A couple Lisa (Carla Gugino) and Mike (Matthew Lillard) have come to NYC from Seattle to interview Tobi (Patrick Stewart) under the guise of dance history insights for a dissertation. From Mike s eyes wandering furtively around Tobi’s apartment, to his bizarre questioning, these two clearly have come for something else.

The Times did not give it a sterling review, but I liked it — see The New York Times review, January 13, by Ben Kenigsberg

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