The Negroni: An Elegant Holiday Cocktail, December 2015

My new favorite cocktail, temporarily replacing a martini, is the NEGRONI

DSC_0045  Negroni

Equal parts: Gin, Sacred liqueur and Sweet Vermouth

– Gin: I like Martin Miller’s gin Made in England, then transported to Iceland for its waters

Sacred, a rose hip liqueur, (or alternatively Campari, but Sacred is better)

– Sweet Vermouth from Italy, Antica Formula only (do not use Martini and Rossi sweet vermouth, it will ruin your Negroni)

This is the most wonderful cocktail, it will open your appetite, Cheers!

Let me know how you like it!

Note my fabulous martini glass shaker and shot (antler head) glass……….go ahead, live a little, be good to yourself, try fabulous bar accessories like these.


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