Old-Fashioned but Still Wonderful, My Hot Water Bottle


Recently I did a cleanse and one of the best suggestions to accompany well-being during the cleanse was use of a hot water bottle.

A hot water bottle is a container filled with hot water, sealed with a stopper. The hot water bottle is used typically to provide warmth in bed. Whenever I use it, it gives me a sense of happy home and hearth, sublime comfort and safety. Even as an adult, my idea of perfection is having a story read to me while I luxuriate in the warmth of the hot water bottle in my bed.

Historically by the late 20th century the use of hot water bottles declined in most of the world. Once homes had better heating systems and electric blankets and heating pads came into popularity the hot water bottle had competition.

“The hot water bottle continues to remain as popular alternative in Ireland and the UK, for example it is widely used in Chile, where it is called a ‘guatero’. There has been a recent surge in popularity in Japan where it is seen as an ecologically friendly and thrifty way to keep warm” — wikipedia.

I have been an avid advocate for years now and want to pass on and praise the beneficial effects of its as-needed or nightly usage. I particularly use it for occasional bouts of bursitis or leg cramps.

Here is a photo of mine, I bought it in England, it is a Cath Kidston and has an amazing German rubber insert from flashy.com, a German company. I have inquired from flashy about buying a holder they sell for filling the bottle and will tell you when I have purchased that.

DSC_0011  hot water bottle, Cath

Rubber bottle insert

Rubber bottle insert by flashy

Hot Water Bottle waiting on my bed

Hot Water Bottle waiting on my bed

Do try and use one for comfort and warmth and for soothing a spot or area that ails you.

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