Amazing Finds: You Can Order Meyer Lemons from California



Hooray! I have found a website where I can buy Meyer Lemons. Have you had them? They are the most special delicious lemons in the world, I use them for cooking, to enhance mixed drinks, to make iced and regular tea.

Here is the site:

“This 40 tree orchard  in the Bay Area ships its prized Meyer lemons nationwide. Like all good things, they sell out months before the season is over. Now is the time to get on next years waiting list’s. $30 for 3/5 pounds.” — from TOWN and COUNTRY MAGAZINE June/July 2015

Here is a great photo by Anne Hamersky of the ladies at work in the orchard, see more photos on Anne’s site


I went to the lemon ladies site and, yes, they are all sold out, so I have subscribed to the site and am on their mailchimp list (which by the way is what I also have), and hopefully next crop I will get some. They did recommend another site (Birch-Hill Organics) and I have ordered from them…. 7 pounds of Meyer lemons for $50, can’t wait to get them!!

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