Neue Galerie: Egon Schiele Exhibition and Cafe Sabarsky

Neue Galerie
1048 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10028

I am a member of the Neue Galerie. Yesterday I spent the day visiting the current Egon Schiele exhibition and having lunch at the Cafe. The Neue Galerie is a museum of early 20th century German and Austrian art and design. The architectural style of the building is Beaux-Arts, Annabelle Selldorf, architect.


The exhibit is devoted to portraiture created by Schiele.  This is the first exhibition at an American museum to focus exclusively on portraiture of this Austrian artist’s work.  Egon Schiele (1890-1918) is regarded as one of the 20th century’s most important artists.  He was described as the Viennese wunderkind and died at 28 from influenza, that first took his wife Edith and her unborn child during the Spanish flu epidemic.  *”The show was curated by Allessandra Comini, an 80 year old scholar who through intimate knowledge of Schiele’s family and background, has amassed an immaculate and awe-inspiring collection of rare artworks.”

* New York Observer Ryan Steadman, 10/22/14

What seems to have driven Schiele in his stark and elegant figure drawings, paintings and sculpture was his determination to find inner vitality in his subjects, a quest for the person’s inner force.   I also find his work passionate and highly sensual.

The installation design was very effective, each gallery had a neat, black trim that conducts the eye around clusters of work.  The borders are meant to evoke molding of early 20th century Viennese decor, very effective indeed.





Cafe Sabarsky

This delightful cafe bears the name of Neue Galerie co-founder Serge Sabarsky.  It features period objects like lighting by Josef Hoffmann, furniture by Adolf Loos and banquettes upholstered with a 1912 Otto Wagner fabric. There are also cabaret , chamber and classical music performances at the cafe, and there is a Bosendorfer grand in one corner.

We had a fabulous lunch, I had the Wiener Schnitzel with cucumber and potato salad and my friend had the Goulash soup, we also had 2 divine desserts.  You can download a copy of the menu at the Neue Galerie site.  The food was glorious, topped off with a bottle of Austrian Rose.  Open for lunch and dinner.

Cafe Sabarsky  A


Design Shop

I love to visit the shop because it is chock-filled with gorgeous gift ideas, from stationery to aprons, to books even wallpaper.  Here is a photo of wallpaper I bought years ago for a special corner of my bedroom, featuring a Romeo and Juliet window.  This wallpaper is a facsimile of 20th century Austrian paper, with a hue of burnt orange and a gold leaf pattern throughout.

Dagobert Peche Antious Wall Paper, designed 1922, hand-printed by Studio Printworks, 

originally manufactured for the Wiener Werkstatte

DSC_0189  wallpaper Neue

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