The National Portrait Gallery is an art gallery in London, housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. It was the first portrait gallery in the world when it opened in 1856. (Wikipedia)

We went to the gallery to particularly view the TAYLOR WESSING PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT PRIZE 2014. This display is a unique opportunity to see 60 new portraits from photographers around the world. There were over 4,000 submissions and the winners were announced at an award ceremony on November 11, 2014.

First Prize: (12,000 pounds) was awarded to David Titlow for his photo, Konrad Lars Hastings Titlow


This photograph was captured in the morning after a large midsummer party in Sweden.  It shows the photographer’s 9 month old son being introduced to a dog.  For us, it was truly one of the most beautiful photographs we had ever seen.

Second Prize: (3,000 pounds) awarded to Jessica Fulford-Dobson for Skate Girl


This photograph depicts a young Afghan girl with her skateboard. Ms Fulford-Dobson said, “I wanted to show these young Afghan girls with their skateboards with the liberating environment that Skateistan provides for them. It is here that for a few hours a week they are able to have some semblance of childhood in a place that is detached from the war and their working life on the streets.”

Third Prize (2,000 pounds) awarded to Birgit Puve for her image, Braian and Ryan


This photograph is of two nine-year old twin boys in Estonia. Puve was working on a series for a photography book on twins and triplets.  She visited the boys at their great grandmother’s house, in the countryside outside of Tallinn, where she spent time with them in different locations.

If you are in London please do go see this amazing exhibit. It is on until February 22, 2015.

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