Alfie’s Antique Market, London

Alfie’s Antique Market, 13-25 Church Street, Marylebone, London, England.
open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6pm

Alfie’s is a large indoor market with about 75 vendors covering three floors. The market features antiques including jewelry, ceramics, glass, silverware and furniture. I love to wander around this place because it is bustling, lively, and if you love anything vintage as I do, you can explore for hours. If your partner does not enjoy a day-long activity like this, I recommend going it alone or with a friend who is like-minded. While in Alfie’s in February, I bought an old Limoges bunny pillbox at a stall with antique frames and antique pillboxes.

The market is a mini version of Portobello Market. Celebrities like Kate Moss frequent Alfie’s because it is an ideal shopping venue to accessorize. Next trip I will definitely buy one of those stunning Victorian rings. (Unless Kate gets it first!)

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