I love the color orange.

Summertime gives me the opportunity to wear all my orange collectibles, the bags, clothes, makeup; I even have a great pair of orange shoes.


Here are some photos of orange ready to wear and makeup: you’ll discover that orange is a provocative and sexy hue.

People that like orange are generally considered to be warm, extroverted, and optimistic. Also, it has been said that people who like orange get great satisfaction from helping others, they have great vitality and positive energy. “Personality color orange says, that if your favorite color is orange: You live your life based on your gut reactions and you are a free spirit.”

Sephora orange colors, Guerlain gloss d'enfer #441 Clarins coral tulip lip color #20

Sephora orange nail colors,
Guerlain gloss d’enfer #441
Clarins coral tulip lip color #20

Classic Hermes

Classic style

Newer Hermes shoulder bag

Hermes shoulder bag

horse themed small Hermes scarf

horse themed small scarf

Jockey cotton scarf

Jockey cotton scarf

Pleated silk

Pleated silk

Juliet Dunn London Paillette studded Moroccan style dress

Juliet Dunn London
Paillette-studded Moroccan style dress

Anyi Lu sandal, Made in Italy

Anyi Lu sandal,
Made in Italy

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