My Two New Pair of Shoes, Trendy and Fun

I want to share with you the two new pair of shoes I just got today…….one from Neiman Marcus, the other from Barney’s online. They are fabulous and I can’t wait to wear them!


These Prada Leather Ankle-Wrap Sandals (you can purchase them here at Neiman Marcus online) are very sexy and will look great especially with a black dress. This summer I plan to wear them with a navy skirt and sweater.

Because the heel is chunky I can maneuver easily and will feel comfortable in a 3.5 inch high heel once again.

The 2nd pair of shoes are these Band of Outsiders Two-Tone Saddle Mules (find them at


These are definitely what I would call Retro, they are reminiscent of the saddle shoes we wore with circle skirts, I plan to wear them with navy and white. Just watch Grease sometime and you’ll see them everywhere in the film.

The fact that they are mules makes them so contemporary but at the same time, the black and white saddle theme is charming, tweaking the past.

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