Juliette Has A Gun, Vengeance Extreme

I discovered Juliette Has a Gun in Harrod’s London last month in the perfume department.

The name may sound like a rock band, but the gun symbolizes power and Juliette is a Shakespearean metaphor for romance, with a soupçon of revenge.

This unique scent is the brainchild of Romano Ricci, the grandson of Nina Ricci. All five of his fragrances are made in Italy and they are all rose based. My choice, Vengeance Extreme, has hints of patchouli, Bulgarian rose and vanilla. The rose fades as you wear it and the patchouli prevails. If you like patchouli as I do, you will love this perfume.





















I enjoy wearing this fragrance, the only drawback is its staying power, about 6 hours. I would advise using it to flirt or for a hot date. This is an attitude scent, it speaks to a confident strong woman. Normally, I do not choose rose based perfumes, but this one is different, it has an edge that surprises. When I wear it I get comments like “What is that perfume, you smell great!”

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