For a Radiant Summer Look

My go-to beauty care product that gives my face a sun-kissed glow.



CARITA is a 70 year-old luxury French skin care company. Started by sisters Marie and Rosie Carita, well-known Parisian hairdressers, they created a brand that symbolizes beauty, the alliance of luxury and femininity, overseen with the expertise of skilled beauty professionals. This is an authentic French line, it is old school and I love their products particularly the one I am talking about today.

Pailleté is an ultra nourishing dry oil, that can be used on the face body and hair; it nourishes, softens and smoothes dry skin with hazelnut and corn oils. What I love is that it adorns the body or face or hair with a subtle golden veil. This product was created in 1956. 14 stands for 14, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, where the Carita sisters founded their school.

I wear it all summer long sometimes with a tinted moisturized underneath and sometimes alone. I receive many compliments when I wear this oil. It gives me a sun tanned glow without sitting in the sun and without using products that make your skin look yellow and over tanned. Try it, you will love it.


3.3 ounces   $69.00
1.69 ounces  $45.00

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