ANNE FONTAINE personifies elegant feminism. Her iconic white shirt is a staple of a stylish woman’s wardrobe, whether it is a tailored and classic shirt, or an elegant blouse.


Today I visited the shop at The Westchester, White Plains, NY and I found two gorgeous blouses, one a new arrival and another on the sale rack.

The charming and professional young manager helped me and above are photos of some of the new merchandise from the spring/summer collection. These blouses are gorgeous and I am very excited; I have found a perfect one to wear for my birthday – this black chiffon short sleeve with the peter pan collar:


There are also many other shirts and blouses in various colors but white, or black & white is the way to go. You can also find beautifully tailored pants and dresses. I particularly love the elegant collar accessories.


Everything has a fresh elegant feel. I think a woman looks so Audrey Hepburn in these blouses.

What I also admire about Ms. Fontaine is her non-profit organization, The Anne Fontaine Foundation.

Her Founder’s Statement:

When I was 17, I was living with the Canela tribe in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. They had adopted me. The mangrove and the large trees were my habitat, the Tamarins my neighbors. The sky was nearly invisible through the foliage.

Today, I live in Honfleur, Normandy, but the sap of the Brazilian forest still runs thick in my veins.

I would like for my three girls to be able to get to know this forest and explore its roots with their own hands, feeling that it is actually something real and not something of mere legend. I would like children to be able to learn in school that forests are living ecosystems of the Earth, all belonging to the same system. This system serves as a regulator of the environment to maintain the equilibrium of our planet and conditions favorable to life. I do not want to see these tropical trees uprooted. Future generations should be able to benefit from this marvel of nature.

The Mata Atlântica forest is one of the richest forests in terms of biodiversity, but also one of the most threatened. It used to cover an area of more than 1,360,000 km2. Today in Brazil, only 7% of this area remains intact.

The Mata Atlântica, as everyone can see, is in peril. It is up to us to save the local populations and assist them in finding alternative, non-destructive ways to sustain themselves. Our ambition is to fight for an outcome that is not written in stone. The destruction of the forest is not irreversible. Numerous efforts are already in motion. The Anne Fontaine Foundation aims to help save the Atlantic forest.

And the Foundation’s Mission:

Through Fashion and Art, the Foundation aims to encourage reforestation and to concentrate its financial resources specifically on the protection of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, also known as the “Mata Atlântica”. The Foundation aims to raise environmental awareness by associating local people with reforestation projects to supplement their income and provide them with environmental education.

Restoring a forest is a long-term goal, as is the Foundation’s commitment. For this reason, the Foundation has a set of comprehensive principles which include:

• Establishing and financing partnerships with recognized and locally active NGOs

• Promoting awareness on the necessity of restoring forestland

• Promoting sustainable activities and corporate social responsibility

Ms. Fontaine was also a supporter of Sebastiao Salgado’s Photography exhibit at the International Center of Photography (I had the opportunity to see that exhibit earlier this month and wrote about it here).


A hard cover book printed by Assouline, is available for purchase here, along with other items at the Anne Fontaine Foundation website.

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