Robbie’s Diary, September 8, 2015: The Story of FRAM

Dear Readers, here is your introduction to FRAM

(photo: Chris Booth for The Northern Echo)

In two weeks my Mom will be meeting Fram in person in Durham England and I will tell you all about the meeting and what this extraordinary dog is like. FRAM means polar bear in Roumanian. He was given this name by volunteers who thought he resembled a polar bear.

His paw was hacked off in Romania by a gang of vicious youths and he was rescued and brought to the Uk by A Better Life Dog Rescue on August 18, after the charity learned of this horrific event and injury. According to the dog’s foster parent, he is a loving and trusting dog despite what he has gone through. Ms Kipling, his carer, said “He has a lovely nature and his tail is always wagging”.

The rescue is currently trying to raise 7,500 pounds for Fram to receive a biopic limb from TV supervet Noel Fitzpatrick.

You can read more about Fram in an article in The Northern Echo, under the banner “Dog who suffered “barbaric” machete attack seeks loving new home

You can follow along with Fram’s recovery on his facebook page.


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  • I have been very lucky to be able to be Fram’s foster mum for the time it takes for him to have all of the medical treatment he needs to heal inside and out. I met Lady Alice and her lovely husband Jim at the weekend when they came to visit Fram in person. I was moved to tears at their love of animals and their generousity and kindness towards myself, my family and my lovely animals. Although we live many miles apart, I feel I have made a very solid new friendship that will make those miles disappear when keeping in touch. I am always amazed by the way in which events bring people together and also very greateful for the chance to meet such wonderful people when our paths in life cross. Life is a marvelous journey and one to be treasured and marvelled at, and these people have certainly made this particular journey all that much more treasured. Thanks you so much for your support, and god bless all your lovely animals too many many miles apart we are joined in our passions x


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