Life with Robbie: Pictures of Schuyler, Our Beloved Brother

047_47   Schuyler homeward bound

Dear Friends,


I did not tell you that Schuyler was the talker in our household.

As far as being demonstrative, I get all excited when someone visits and do a little oo-oo song.  That means, please play with me and throw the ball.

Schuyler on the other hand would bark a very distinctive bark, for treats, to be held, to be cuddled, to be fed, to go out, for just about anything he made his voice heard. And he was our spokesperson; he represented the wishes of the triumvirate (Schuyler, Phoebe, Robbie). He was especially successful at getting more treats for us. We could always count on him for that. That inimitable bark is no longer in our world.

So, sadly, it is very quiet and somber around here.  I feel that I still want my readers to know more about him and to also see how beautiful he was.

I have found some photographs that you have probably not seen, so I would like to share them with you.

DSC_0042  schuyler

Schuyler loved to sit on the deck in a chair and enjoy the sunshine.

DSC_0830   Schuyler

DSC_0436   Schuyler and friend

A special friend from The Fresh Air Fund, visiting during the summer, who particularly loved Schuyler.

DSC_0414Phoebe with Schuyler blog

Schuyler on a summer day sitting on the deck with his sister Phoebe.

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