Life with Robbie, August 6, 2015: Max at the Bank

Dear Loyal Followers,

Here is a blurb about a lovely black dog named Max. Max always accompanies his owner to a bank in Hudson, New York

Max has entered the bank

Max has entered the building.

My Mom saw him at the entrance; he made a beeline to the teller and stood up on his front paws.

Max says "

Max says to the teller  “your money or your life”  but the teller immediately tries to bribe him with a treat.

IMG_0042  Max at the bank picture #2 getting a treat

Max thinks about it and decides to take the treat, what would he do with all that money anyway!

Also, a reminder about ANIMALKIND in Hudson, NY, a charitable organization that find homes for lost, stray or feral cats. They do wonderful work.


Animalkind has a special benefit coming up on August 21. Bossa nova makes its debut in Hudson! Celebrated global music singers Cornelius Bates and Vanessa Falabella are teaming up with their band for a bossa nova extravaganza at Club Helsinki and ticket sales will benefit Animalkind’s adoption center, which rescues over 1000 cats and dogs every year…and finds them loving homes.

Please consider attending this exciting event and support this extraordinary grassroots nonprofit and its lifesaving work! To purchase tickets to the event visit:

If you cannot attend but would like to still contribute a donation, you can so so here:

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