Life with Robbie, August 20, 2015: Acupuncture

Dear Readers,

I feel very chilled-out after a day of acupuncture. Mom has enrolled me in a program to deal with my aches and pains. Here are some photos of me, needles and all.

IMG_0151  Robbie acuIMG_0152  Robbie acu

In case you are wondering what that little jar is, it is Gerber baby food, frozen, intended to occupy me while I get my treatment. I always finish the jar and enjoy it. It takes work to get the food out.

When I come home I stretch out on my favorite sofa, a Victorian goose-down-filled beauty.  Very comfortable!

DSC_0010  Robbie acuppuncture

There were two lovely scenes we saw when we left the veterinarian’s office in Nassau, NY and I want to share them with you — some horses out in their pastures on a very hot summer day looking at us.

IMG_0171   Robbie acu

FullSizeRender-81   Robbie acu


Also, please do not forget that we have an adopted dog in UK DOG TRUST, Mr. Darcy, and if you can contribute to this very worthwhile cause, you would be doing a beautiful thing. Thank you.

Currently, DOG TRUST has a campaign to help out with the senior dogs that they take in. They write:


On average, our OAD’s (Old Age Dogs) spend around 27 more days at Dogs Trust than puppies, and it costs £23.64 per day to keep them happy and healthy. Dogs Trust promises never to put down a healthy dog. A gift from you today will help us keep our promise, and give older dogs a long and happy future.

You can contribute to this appeal here:

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